The Vault

**The Vault is published in aid of the disaster relief charity ShelterBox. Half of all royalties go to help the charity’s work in aid of people made homeless by disasters around the world.**

Hidden secrets, childhood drama and murder…

It had gone quiet again in the woods. The shouts of the Withercot boys had receded into the distance, muffled by the soft new leaves and warm, still air. Adam slumped against the trunk of a large oak tree; the lumps of its rough bark digging into his sweat-soaked T-shirt.

‘That was close,’ he said to the other three with a grin. ‘I thought they were going to get us there.’

Adam Strong has two main problems in life: how to escape a gang of yobs who are out for his blood and how to get the new girl at school to notice that he exists.

Vault front cover Mar 13But the ancient woods next to Compton Fosse contain more dangers than just the risk of a beating from the town’s teenage psycho.

Hidden in Hobthrush Wood is the key to a mystery that weaves four disparate stories into a single web.

The mansion: A gang of professional robbers mount a night raid on the secluded country home of a reclusive billionaire.

The dead: Three decaying bodies, wrapped in plastic and chains, are found lying at the bottom of an ornamental lake.

The convict: A sex offender is released from prison but breaks his parole and goes on the run after giving into temptation once again.

The friends: Two boys stumble across an eerie secret…

The two boys screamed as they saw the disembodied face appear out of the darkness. The apparition gave a wordless bellow. In horror, the boys stared at the dark eye sockets that glared out of the white face and its halo of bone-coloured hair.

Then they saw the flash of the blade that reached through the door, its point levelled at their hearts.

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