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The Tale of Findo Gask

Findo Gask was national winner of the Undiscovered Authors General Fiction Prize for 2006.

The novel tells the story of a thief – an unwanted boy who was born in a ditch, raised in slums and educated by the underworld.

The Tale Of Findo Gask isn’t a crime novel but the story of an unconventional life; it is a book about alienation, love and a desperate search for acceptance and purpose.

For more information about the book and to read an extract, click here. To download to Kindle or read reviews on, click here.

Thin Ice

Women are dying… and Danny Harper’s life is in pieces

 Everything is going perfectly for young journalist Danny Harper: a new flat, a career on the up and the girl he loves about to marry him. Then he wakes in hospital to find none of it’s true.

Refusing to admit he’s imagined it all, Harper tries to regain his lost life. But, while his claims are initially dismissed as delusion, he knows secrets that can’t be easily explained.

For more information about the book and to read the original short story on which the novel is based, click here. To download on Kindle or read reviews on, click here.

The Vault

The Vault

A story of hidden secrets, childhood drama and murder…

Adam Strong has two main problems in life: how to keep a gang of local hooligans out of the woods where he has his den and how to get the new girl at school to notice he exists.

 But the ancient woods next to Compton Fosse contain more dangers than just the risk of a beating from the town’s teenage psycho. Hidden in Hobthrush Wood is the key to a mystery that weaves four disparate stories into a single web.

The Vault is published in aid of the disaster relief charity ShelterBox. Half of all royalties will go to the charity to help its work in aid of people made homeless by disasters around the world.

For more information, click here. To download from or read reviews click here.

Pagan’s Sphinx – by William Webster

**Publication date: late 2012**

A battered journal left by the lone survivor of a plane crash provides a tantalising clue to an ancient mystery…

Pagan’s Sphinx is adventure set in the desert landscape of North Africa.

Maverick  archaeologist Dr Sarah Pagan has recruited Ben Drummond to lead an expedition in search of a lost statue that could provide a clue to the existence of a lost ancient civilisation.

To visit the Pagan’s Sphinx page, click here.

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