Revised, Extended & Set Free

Years ago, I had a peculiar dream in which I was with my wife and while I knew we should be married she didn’t know who I was.

That dream became the inspiration for a short story – called Fractured Lives – about a man who wakes up in the ‘wrong life’ following an accident.

Waking smIn that story, Danny Harper doesn’t understand what’s going on but is determined to win back the woman he loves.

At first, the object of his affections is as wary as anyone would be when a complete stranger announces they’re the love of your life. The problem is, Danny knows secrets about Rebecca Shah she’s never told anyone else in her life.

After writing the short story, I later started wondering about other possible implications: what other knowledge might Danny Harper bring from one life to another?

In the novel that followed, Danny has woken in a parallel world that’s similar but with some fundamental changes. Things also haven’t happened at the same times. In Danny’s original life, the police have just caught a serial killer who was targeting women – in his alternative world the killer’s still operating freely.

Thin Ice was published in 2012 – and got some 5* reviews. However, a number of readers contacted me saying they had enjoyed my paranormal thriller but were confused by the ending.

Last autumn, I took another look at the book — and decided some changes were in order.

I haven’t changed the ending but it’s been extended with a new chapter that removes any ambiguity and explains exactly what happened to all involved. I’ve also given the book an extensive re-edit, trimming out some superfluous words and phrases to keep it all nice and taut.

As it’s no longer quite the same book, it’s also got a new title – Waking Broken.

And — thanks to the wonderful Teija Härmäaho of Moodphoto — I’ve got a striking new cover to go with the new title and ending.

Waking Broken is free on Kindle for the next five days. Get your copy here.


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