No Borders

Life certainly moves on. I was recently admiring some images on someone else’s blog – and now it looks like I might be working with the photographer on a couple of book covers!


Image borrowed from ‘Moodphoto’

Bizarre thing is that Teija lives in Finland. Makes you wonder how we ever lived before the internet. I’ve pinched one of her pictures (above) – if you want to see more of her work, take a look at Moodphoto.

Hmm. Now, I just need to come up with a title and finish editing the novel…

In the meantime, I’ve also got another Kindle Countdown Deal for you:

The Tale of Findo Gask is available on Kindle for $0.99 or £0.99 for the next three days, after which the price goes up to 1.99. (Normal price is $4.90 or £3.99.)

This is the book that won the UK’s 2005 Undiscovered Authors contest, got me a publishing contract and made me think that maybe one day I would be a real writer not just a dreamer sitting in an attic.

Findo coverFindo is the story of a boy born into poverty who also happens to be a very good thief.

It’s a book about whether we should expect people to obey our rules if they don’t have a stake in society.

It’s also a roller coaster adventure that goes from pinching cigarettes at the corner shop to saving drowning dogs and from an armed heist at a security firm to snatching the diamonds from an opera diva’s head.

It’s also a book about young love and a boy who doesn’t want to be ignored.

It’s got 4.2* on and 4.5* on – if it sounds like your kind of thing, please click here.

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3 responses to “No Borders”

  1. constantwriterjl says :

    That’s awesome about the book covers! Great photo of the lynx! (?)
    I need to get back to editing too, eventually… I think I’m still unwinding from Nanowrimo, though. Happy weekend to you!

    • Huw Thomas says :

      I think it’s just your everyday tabby cat – but one with big cat attitude!
      Congratulations if you made it through NaNoNooNa. I could never keep that kind of word count up – and produce anything worthwhile.
      Likewise, have a good weekend. Hoorah! It’s almost G&T time.

  2. constantwriterjl says :

    That cat is huge if it’s a housecat! Maybe it’s just the perspective, and the outdoor backdrop…
    I am pleased to say I won Nano this year and it’s my first EVER rough draft of such a length, over 70k! Since I’m so brutal with my editing (and cutting), I thought I would fare better with a second draft if I had a longer first draft to work with.
    Now that I have written that much in one go, I’d say about half of it is worthwhile. A lot of turned out to be sort of backstory and explanatory stuff that was helpful to me while writing, but might not be that interesting or necessary for the reader in the form that it’s in now. As it is, it might work better as an appendix than as part of the story, but maybe if I rewrote some of it, I could make it work.
    However, the other half of the story isn’t half bad! Hard for me to tell–still too fresh, I think, but maybe down the road, it might be worth refining, revising, and reconsidering…

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