Medicinal Failure

I’ve failed. I set out to go dry for a month and managed just three weeks without alcohol.

Isle-of-Jura-SuperstitionI’ve got an excuse though. A damn good one as far as I’m concerned too. I would like it known that I abandoned my attempt for medicinal reasons.

The background is that Macmillan Cancer Care were trying to encourage people to give up booze for October and donate money to them instead.

Me and Carolyn were going to Portugal on holiday for the first two weeks of October so giving up for the month was impossible. Obviously.

But, we decided that we would go teetotal for a month from the day we got back. No particular reason other than to see how hard it would be, maybe lose some weight, feel righteous (and dry out a little after the holiday). Oh, and give a bit of cash to charity.

Anyway, it wasn’t that hard. The worst part was ‘gin-and-tonic-time’ on Friday afternoon. Get through that without a drink and the rest of the weekend wasn’t soo bad.

Last week, though, I came down with a really filthy cold that my loving wife had passed on. Then Carolyn pointed out that she hadn’t lost a pound of weight even after three weeks with no booze. (Although it is just possible that the extra time we’ve been spending in the gym is to blame as muscle – so I’m told – weighs more than fat.)

But that’s when I decided enough was enough. I’d just had my first cold in about a year despite having been exposed to all sorts of sniffling students over the past 12 months and the weight loss factor didn’t seem to be working. Stupid, huh! I was healthier drinking alcohol!

So: experiment officially over. I have made a donation to Macmillan anyway… and can now look forward to next Friday afternoon and dream of those clinking ice cubes, the tang of lime, the fizz of the tonic and… ah… the joy of gin. To be followed by a glass or two of wine and, if I’m feeling really indulgent, a snifter of whisky to round off the evening.

In the meantime, I’ve got a reasonably busy week ahead – a combination of editing work at the newspaper and planting some trees for a gardening client. And I’m getting there with the re-edit of Thin Ice. Then I can concentrate on the new title and cover… and then let myself think about the next writing project. Maybe with a glass of something at my side.


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One response to “Medicinal Failure”

  1. JALBN 2.0 Ishmael Received says :

    Ha – that shouldn’t count at all!

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