Strange Dichotomy

Travel and home: two concepts that are very different but both extremely appealing.

PortOct01Travel means freedom. It’s also lack of routine and unpredictability, plus chances to discover something new – whether that’s a place, a building, a person or something never tasted before.

PortOct02I’ve just come back from two weeks in Portugal, a country I love. The places Carolyn and I went weren’t completely new but it was still an adventure. One highlight was staying in a small village called Monsaraz. It’s an idyllic spot – not much more than a castle, church and three streets of whitewashed houses on a hill overlooking the rolling Alentejo landscape.

PortOct04We also discovered some gorgeous new beaches on the coast and revisited a couple of old haunts. Plentiful sunshine, blue skies, cheap wine, excellent cakes and the charming Portuguese themselves helped make it a wonderful holiday.

(I did take a laptop and got some writing work done so it wasn’t all play.)

PortOct03Funny thing is, though, I’m glad to be back. I didn’t miss anything in particular but there’s definite comfort in the familiarity of home.

Maybe it’s partly because we only moved into our new place at the end of August – and I’ve got lots of work to do on the house. I’ve also got a stack of writing projects ahead – edits, rewrites and new projects. And I can always start planning the next trip away…


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