New Shores & Busy Skies

Hello again. I’m back online after moving house 10 days ago  – which meant no internet connection for a while.

The Friday before last, Carolyn and I finally got the keys to our new house. We haven’t moved that far – only about 15 miles west along the coast to Southbourne in Bournemouth.

Southbourne Beach - early morning.

Looking across Poole Bay, early morning.

But it’s our house! For the first time in nearly six years, we’re living in our own place – and all our possessions are here with us rather than being in various locations around the country.

Fitting everything in is proving a bit of a challenge. Our new house is only two bedrooms (the old one was three) and none of the rooms are that big. (The size issue began to sink in when we realised our bed wouldn’t fit up the stairs. Still not sure where the second tandem bike is going either.)

Still, being forced to downsize and declutter is proving quite therapeutic. So much stuff seems precious until you get rid of it – then you give a sigh of relief and realise you don’t actually miss it at all.

We’re still getting to know our new stamping ground but have enjoyed a few early morning dips at our local beach and checked out our nearest Indian restaurant.

Looking east to Hengistbury Head

Looking east to Hengistbury Head

It hasn’t all been peace and tranquility though – it was Bournemouth Air Festival over the past four days and we’ve had everything from fighter jets to old biplanes buzzing overhead, looping the loop and performing all kinds of rolls and other aerobatics.

At least it’s not boring here!

A Red Arrow coming up the street!

A Red Arrow coming up the street!


Which way’s up?

The beach (and bay) looking a bit more crowded.

The beach (and bay) looking a bit more crowded.


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2 responses to “New Shores & Busy Skies”

  1. Sharon Bonin-Pratt says :

    May you and Carolyn enjoy many years in your new home.
    And I’m glad to know why you were absent for a bit.

    • Huw Thomas says :

      Thanks, Sharon. Annoying as I’ve also been using some online editing programmes so everything writing-related has ground to a halt for a bit. But at least that gave me a chance to do some DIY and attack our new garden!

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