Gods & Mortals

robert-plant-young-portrait-led-zepplinIn another life I would be a rock ‘n’ roll god. Ain’t going to happen in this one – I can’t sing to save my life.

Age isn’t necessarily a problem though. Robert Plant celebrates his 65th birthday and, while a little more haggard than when he was the poster boy for Led Zep, he’s still got what it takes.

Robert+Plant(And if just some of the accounts of his years of… er, living life to the full… are true then it’s only surprising he doesn’t look a bit more worn around the edges.)

Sadly, I never got to see Led Zeppelin perform – I’m not quite old enough for that. If he keeps going as he is, though, there’s still a good chance I’ll get to see Robert Plant one day.

Below is Plant performing at last year’s Grammies with Alison Krauss performing a medley of three songs from their 2007 collaboration Raising Sand:

Not bad for a man who – as a UK citizen – can today collect his free bus pass.

If you prefer the old stuff, though, here’s the 2 hour 17 minute film of their Madison Square Gardens concert from 1973, complete with interviews and one or two classic songs.

So, happy birthday, Robert – you’re looking damn good for a man who’s had more than 40 years as a rock god!



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