Life Is Amazing

We’ve come away for the weekend to see my sister’s new puppy… sorry, I should say to visit my sister, her husband and the new puppy!

pup0Mali is about as cute as an eight-week-old border collie pup can be. A bundle of fur with a fat belly, innocent eyes… and sharp little teeth.


Carolyn and Mali get to know each other.

One of the best things about a young puppy, though, is just watching it. Everything is new. The whole world is there to be licked, chewed, sniffed, pounced on, wrestled with and explored.

pup6Somethings, like garden hoses, are definitely dangerous and need to be subdued:

pup3pup4pup7Other new experiences – like her first bath – are a bit more traumatic!

pup5pup9But at this age, bad things are quickly forgotten. A moving leaf, a wriggling toe… or catching a glimpse of her own tail are enough to make her forget the nasty bath.

And when all the excitement gets too much, it’s time to crash!


It’s a wonderful life when everything is new. It’s a shame that as we humans get older we often forget how amazing the world is. Maybe we all need to discover our inner puppy (or kitten – if you really must) and get out there to explore the world anew with unjaded eyes.


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One response to “Life Is Amazing”

  1. Shari Bonin Pratt says :

    She is a beauty. If only puppyhood would last longer

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