Obscurity Or Crime?

Imagine being born into poverty with a drug addict mother and no father.  No one ever sends you to school and you’re pretty much left to fend for yourself from as soon as you can walk.

Findo front cover#2Society never does anything for you for the simple reason that officialdom doesn’t even know you exist. In such a situation, would you obey ‘the rules’ and conform or do what it takes to survive?

Findo Gask is born in a ditch and raised in the slums of one of Britain’s poorest cities. The only rules he knows are pretty basic: like ‘an eye for an eye’ and ‘everyone for himself’.

Growing up surrounded by a cast of lowlifes and no-hopers, it seems like Findo’s only choices are poverty or petty lawlessness.

But – unfettered by the instructions or commands of anyone else – Findo makes his own choices and sets his own rules.

Only the reach of his imagination defines his limits and Findo Gask is never a dull boy…

The Tale Of Findo Gask was my first published novel and national winner of the UK’s Undiscovered Authors Prize 2005.

It’s free to download from Amazon this week (Monday to Friday). Please, click on the links to download a copy:

Findo on Amazon.com

Findo on Amazon.co.uk

Findo on Amazon.ca

Findo on Amazon.de


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