Frustrated By Rabbits

Writer’s block is so annoying. A couple of months ago all was fine. My current project seemed to be on a roll. I was writing one chapter straight after another, barely having to pause for thought.

It’s  the kind of mental zone any author loves to be in. The words are flowing, the end is in sight and there’s even a (loose) plan on how to get there. (And I do so hate having to think.)

But then… Well, it all started to slow down a month or so ago.

I partly blame life – the real kind – for interfering. Not only did I have more work on but we’d got buyers for our house in Cornwall. With the real possibility of getting some money in the bank within a few months, Carolyn and I then couldn’t help but start to look at possible homes around here.

Inevitably more hours spent working (and thinking about work) and looking at options for places to live have meant less time for writing. All these things going on probably also meant less spare capacity for my brain to cook up plots, scenarios and dialogue. (Those of you who read this blog on a regular basis will know that my mind is the kind that works best when not given any conscious instructions – let ideas fester on their own and my subconscious will eventually dish out the goods.)

The fact that the weather has finally turned nice hasn’t helped either. All that sunshine out there makes me look out of the window rather than at the screen in front of me.

To begin with, I didn’t worry when the word flow began to dip. We went off on holiday for 12 days at the end of May but we’ve been back for more than a week now and I was hoping to do some writing this evening.

Then I looked at where I’d left it with the White Rabbits… and my brain just feels like it’s full of sawdust! I know roughly what’s left to write. I’ve got a vague outline – and various loose threads to tie together. But it just isn’t coming.

So what’s the answer – whisky, sleep, exercise, yoga, another holiday?

Arrrrgh. Writer’s block isn’t just annoying. It’s gut-churning, fingernail-chewing, mind-numbing, anxiety-making, confidence-sapping frustration. Hate it!

Any tips on how to slay the beast and awaken my inspiration?


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4 responses to “Frustrated By Rabbits”

  1. johngjohnson says :

    Huw … this is what I shared on my facebook timeline, in response … “… whiskey … I believe it was Ernest Hemingway who said (and I paraphrase) “write while inebriated, edit while sober” ~.~”


  2. Lia Carel says :

    I had the same problem with my last two chapters and they have dragged out over two weeks. When I got the courage to push through, I used my free-writing notebook to write it out.
    I found that I needed to ask myself questions (write them down with answers) like: What’s wrong? What’s really wrong? Is it the next chapter that’s bugging me? What don’t I like about it? What should I do then?
    I keep finding that there’s something about what I think I have to put into the next chapter that is frustrating me inside, could be part of a sub-plot I think I need, usually is, and it feels bland now in the cold light of day (and usually is, does not add to novel really).
    I don’t know if this suggestion will help but I do find that the minute I ask the question, and put pen to paper, the answer tries to come out.

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