Can’t Lose The Radar

Oh, the wonders of the modern age! I got through four novels while on holiday and didn’t turn a page of paper. I also had a whole library of music in my pocket and took about 160 photographs without using any film.

Being a caring kind of chap, I also bought my wife a Kindle Fire a couple of weeks before we went away and this too proved extremely useful. It’s ability to access the web meant we could check weather forecasts on a daily basis and (mostly) follow the sun as we travelled around.

So what, you may ask. Well, it all depends on your age. Being a decade or three older than some of you young web-dwellers, I remember days when all this was… well, science fiction!

peonyI took my first ‘gap’ year in 1997 (at the tender age of 31) back when ideas like the world wide web were still techno-babble to 90% of the population and the word email hadn’t entered the Oxford English Dictionary.

Carolyn and I went backpacking through Australasia and Asia and I remember lugging battered paperbacks and a very select collection of cassette tapes (remember them?) for playing in my Walkman. Once read, books were swapped along the way or bought and sold at stalls in backpacker hangouts. Buying a new tape was a major event – although inevitably it meant an old favourite (albeit played to death) would have to be ditched.

Internet cafes didn’t exist and we would go into the post offices in major cities to check if any friends or families had sent anything post restante for us to collect.

orchid01Life is certainly easier now. In the past I wouldn’t have dreamt of taking four novels on a 12-day holiday but with a Kindle it’s not an issue. I re-read War Of The Worlds (4*) and three new books The Delphi Agenda (3*), The Moghul (4*) and Me Again by Keith Cronin, which gets 5*s and a top recommendation. (Note to self: must post review soon).

We’re also in the process of hunting for a new house and while in Slovenia were busy checking out RightMove for possible new homes.

So, yes, life’s easier in many ways: access to reading material and music, being able to stay in touch with back home and access to all kinds of information. Is it a good change? Truth is, I’m still not sure. There’s part of me that still misses the romance and uncertainty of being out of touch, off the radar and forced to try things new and uncertain.

Anyway, that’s it for today. All observations and comments welcome. I need to get back to my White Rabbits – they’ve been a bit neglected lately.

PS. The flowers have no real relevance other than being ‘holiday snaps’ – I just like them.


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