Should I Worry?

Sometimes I do worry what’s going on in my head. My dreams are often vivid and usually a bit surreal but last night’s was a corker.


I dreamt that I was at a place where crocodiles were being taught how to use typewriters. It all seemed quite logical at the time – one of the crocs was lying on a beach busy typing while some kids were running past.

But where on earth did that come from? I hadn’t consumed anything I shouldn’t have – not even any alcohol. I hadn’t watched any wildlife documentaries or read anything about any kind of dangerous animals. It does make me wonder what’s going on inside my brain!

The inspiration for my books does come from all sorts of places: Thin Ice is based on a particularly lucid dream I had – but more on that tomorrow when it goes on promotion.

Findo Gask was inspired by a road sign, The Vault started as a single line about a night-time kidnapping attempt and the idea behind Pagan’s Sphinx came from a TV documentary about the origins of the Great Sphinx at Giza.

But typewriting crocodiles? Not sure I’ll get a book out of that one!


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7 responses to “Should I Worry?”

  1. Yheela says :

    Would be awesome if you did though!

  2. Victoria Grefer says :

    that’s crazy! I feel like I should have had your dream…. I’ve watched TONS of documentaries on netflix about creepy and dangerous critters this week. haha!

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