Sombre Skies

We got home this afternoon after a five-hour journey back from Cornwall, down in the far south west of England.

We used to live in Cornwall and although good to catch up with some old friends it was otherwise a very sombre experience. An old colleague of Carolyn’s was having a retirement party – aged 57 – having been told about a month ago that he’s got terminal cancer and can only expect to live another few months.

It was a strange experience going to what was – in reality – a funeral wake in advance. Knowing what to say under the circumstances was hard, particularly as the person concerned is such a lovely, good-natured guy who will be sorely missed.

So, it was a bitter-sweet time back in Cornwall and – as you can see from the pictures – the weather was in suitably sombre mood.

Cornwall 01Cornwall 02Cornwall 03Cornwall 05Cornwall 04


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2 responses to “Sombre Skies”

  1. Shakti Ghosal says :

    Loved the stark photos of Cornwall. Never being to that place though. Tell me, is it not the place where King Arthur had his famous Round table and his knights?


    • Huw Thomas says :

      Hi Shakti. Cornwall is a beautiful place but was looking quite grim at the weekend! It’s one of the places associated with King Arthur – legend has it that Tintagel Castle on the north coast was the home of his father Uther Pendragon. There are lots of other associations with Arthur across Cornwall but also in other nearby counties like Devon and Somerset.

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