Beer – I Love It

Partly inspired by Maddie Cochere’s recent references to bacon on her blog, I’d like to sing the praises of one of civilisation’s other greatest inventions.


I could just stop there but being a writer it’s hard to stop me prattling on when inspiration strikes. So, first of all here’s my desk:

The Boondoggle's gone - what next?

The Boondoggle’s gone – what’s next?

I sat down at my laptop an hour or so ago, not sure whether I was feeling inspired to write or not. Then I thought, hmm, I quite fancy something to drink.

In the cupboard I found the bottle of Boondoggle that I’d bought a couple of weeks ago. It’s a fruity, blonde beer that delivers a punchy citrus aroma and a well-balanced, moreish fruity taste. Well… that’s what it says on the label. More to the point it’s 5% alcohol and tastes damn fine to me.

I’m sure it’s also helped with the writing. I’ve just knocked out 750 words in less than an hour and almost got to the conclusion of the confrontation at the flower show between mad old Keziah Black and her snooty distant cousin Cynthia. (Coming soon in Church Of The White Rabbits.)

So. Beer – it’s good stuff. The big question now is which bottle’s next?

(Damn. Just realised – Carolyn now gets my blog posts. Now my wife’s going to know I’ve been sitting here drinking beer while she was out at her orchestra. Well… I did earn it, darling. I worked up quite a sweat shifting all those wheelbarrows of compost when I was gardening today!)


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5 responses to “Beer – I Love It”

  1. Huw Thomas says :

    I don’t mind how much beer you drink – as long as one of your novels becomes a major best seller and gets turned into a Hollywood film so I can lead a life of luxury before too long………..The Wife

  2. Maddie Cochere says :

    You’re a good man, Huw, doing some gardening before writing. And a beer every 750 words sounds good to me! 🙂

  3. segmation says :

    What about green beer? Great to drink on St. Patricks day, right?

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