King Of The Sofa

First of all – a huge thank you for all the votes and comments on the three cover designs in my last post. Blogging is such a wonderful thing. In the past I’d never have imagined it being so easy to seek guidance on such quandaries from friends, fellow writers and random strangers all over the world!

Anyway, voting isn’t closed yet so if you haven’t done it already, please do take the time to give your opinion. I’ll be looking at all the feedback this week before finalising the design.


Art or just a pile of old sofa springs?

Meanwhile, on a completely different subject, I’m feeling quite pleased with myself today – and it’s all down to our sofa.

This sofa – which we’ve had since our wedding nearly 14 years ago – had gone really saggy. A much-loved sofa but no longer comfortable.

Being a bit of an old skinflint – and also quite attached to said sofa – I decided to get radical. Last week I ordered some replacement springs and yesterday I bit the bullet. I got out my toolbox, removed the covers, sliced through the fabric underneath, detached the old springs and resprung the sofa.

It was one of those DIY challenges that made me a bit nervous. I could see how the old springs were fixed in but I’d never done a task like it before and taking a knife and pliers to the sofa was a bit of a one-way journey. No going back allowed once I’d started.

It was also surprisingly hard work holding the sofa down while I wrestled the new springs into place and pinned them down. Well worth it though. I won the wrestling match and – thanks to the careful application of some duct tape – with the covers back on you can’t see a thing. Even better, it only cost me £30. Much cheaper and more satisfying than a new sofa.

So, the moral is, when dealing with something that can’t take the strain, don’t give up on it but take action. If you leave it limp and saggy then no one’s going to be satisfied. You need to remove any bits that aren’t performing, carry out careful surgery and replace the defective parts with something stronger, more flexible, more resilient and generally more up to the job.

Watching TV last night was so much more comfortable!

NB. Please feel free to apply this bit of homesprung wisdom to your own furniture or latest piece of writing as appropriate.


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