Pick & Mix

I need help! Not just the psychiatric kind but opinions on a book cover. Below are three possible images for the cover of the print edition of The Vault.

If you saw any of these in a book shop (or store!), which – if any – would you pick up?

Huge amounts of gratitude will be sent your way for any votes cast. If you don’t like any of them please tell me why. Pick and mix options are also possible.

Virtual flowers/bottles of favourite tipple will be mentally beamed to you via the ether in response to any helpful feedback. Poll and comment box below:

forest BLACK smVault lock red SMforest dark SM


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11 responses to “Pick & Mix”

  1. Yheela says :

    Cover 1, but with a white title. Easier on the eyes. 🙂

  2. Melissa Bowersock (@MJBowersock) says :

    Huw, definitely like the middle cover with the vault graphic the best. The central circle figure definitely draws the attention (kinda like the test pattern on late nite TV), the color scheme is striking and I think it goes much better with the title. It really gives the impression of secrets locked up TIGHT.

    • Huw Thomas says :

      Hi Melissa. Yes, instinctively this is probably my favourite because I like simple graphic designs. I did this first with a red-on-grey colour scheme and a designer friend suggested making the jacket all red and it suddenly looked so much more striking.

  3. Brent Gladney says :

    I rather fancy the first design. It leaves the reader much to consider in conjunction with the tiny blurb at the top, whereas the literal picture of the vault is less jarring.

    • Huw Thomas says :

      Hi Brent. I was slightly confused by your comment at first but then I realised (I think) what you mean – the ‘peaceful’ forest image is a contrast with the reference to murder. Thanks for the feedback.

  4. wilsonkhoo says :

    First one. Maybe play around with a few variations of it

  5. Jessica says :

    Confused! I don’t know why no one likes the third one as much! I definitely prefer the white title text to the red, though, which is probably what steered me from the first. The second isn’t bad ( a bit obvious) but I think having the same photo on the front and back threw me. The photo and text stand out a bit more on the first photo with the black background, but I like the grey background–it seems to soften the transition from such a bright photo to the rest of the details on the cover. Anyway, looking forward to seeing the final one!

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