Happy All Over

Getting a rave review from a reader is what makes life worth living for many an author but this is my first ‘six star’ write-up!

The Tale Of Findo Gask is currently on promotion and I wasn’t expecting to see any new reviews yet but had a look at the Amazon page to check the book’s sales ranking.

So my jaw dropped to read the following from James Coyle in Vanuatu:

“I’d never heard of this author before until I picked up a free copy of this book. It was absolutely outstanding and is one of the best I’ve read since I purchased my Kindle Reader last year. If I could give it 6 stars I would! As an author of 28 books of my own on Kindle I automatically search for typos and errors. If there were any I didn’t find them.”

James, I know we’ve never met before but you’re my new best friend! Thank you for downloading and I’m delighted you loved the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

And if anyone else wants to see why James was so impressed, Findo is free for the rest of today and all day tomorrow from:




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3 responses to “Happy All Over”

  1. Steve Uhm says :

    Congratulations! On my way to download your work

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