Breaking Your Concentration

I mentioned in a recent post that I like writing with music in the background as it keeps my subconscious from getting bored.

A lot of the time, my laptop is set to play a random compilation from the albums on the hard drive. Most of the time it works fine: songs play, I listen with part of my brain and write with another bit.

Occasionally though certain songs pop up and I just have to stop, turn up the volume and – yes, sad but true – get up and boogie round the room. This is one such culprit:

I was working on a rewrite of an old fantasy short story that I wrote about 20 years ago. But then the intro began and I knew it was break time.

Anyone else have the same problem? What gets you out of your chair?


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4 responses to “Breaking Your Concentration”

  1. Michael D. Kelleher says :

    Sure. Same problem. My Pandora shuffle mode throws me into fits of foot-tapping instead of finger tapping. Oh, well. Still need the music.

  2. Maddie Cochere says :

    Silence is deafening to me. I grew up with four siblings and learned to tune out the noise when reading, doing homework – or anything. I listen to top 40 – loud – when I write. The louder the music, the easier it is for me to write. Sometimes I stop and sing along, but I never get up and boogie. It would scare the dog. 😉

    • Huw Thomas says :

      I know what you mean about the dogs. Don’t have any of my own but grew up in a house full of border collies – and they were never quite sure if it was safe if you got up and started dancing!

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