Ride, Eat, Sleep

So, is cycling an excuse to eat chocolate or chocolate a reason to go cycling? Please discuss.

Jan IOW 01

Only a few calories in this.

My next great novel had to be put aside yesterday. It was my wife’s birthday and we took our tandem across the water for a brief tour of the Isle of Wight.

It’s funny, I grew up in Hampshire and have travelled all over the world but had never made the 30 minute journey to the Isle of Wight before. (For those of you not from these parts, the IoW is the squashed diamond shape island just off the south coast of England immediately below Southampton).

Did about 40 miles of cycling in temperatures of about 2°C (max). Beautiful but quite hilly and I’m not sure my toes ever really warmed up even with two pairs of socks and shoe covers on.

Today it was -2°C outside at 10.30am so I’m quite content to stay inside with the heating on, sit at my laptop and get back to writing.

And yes, we did eat the whole bar of chocolate – and I only had slightly more than Carolyn!

Waiting to depart.

Waiting to depart.

Freshwater Bay

Yarmouth Pier

Yarmouth Pier


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One response to “Ride, Eat, Sleep”

  1. Lia Carel says :

    What a beautiful day you got. L.

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