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My latest novel – Pagan’s Sphinx – is on free promotion with Amazon over the next five days (10th – 14th January).

Pagan's Sphinx#As mentioned previously, this one’s a bit different from my other books, which is why it’s published under the pen name William Webster.

I see this as more of an old-fashioned adventure yarn. Nothing complicated – foreign setting, ancient mystery, a bit of romance, danger and intrigue.

So if that’s your cup of tea please download a copy and enjoy.

Any feedback would be really appreciated: if you didn’t like it then send me an email and tell me why you thought it stunk, if you loved it then please put a 5* review on Amazon and tell all your friends!

Links are here:

PS. If you’re more into contemporary fiction with a story of a schoolboy battles  woven around a murder mystery then The Vault is also free for another couple of days – links are:The Vault

The Vault on

The Vault on

After these two I’ll probably give the promotions a break for a while – concentrate on getting on with the next book.


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