Escape The World’s End

Wow! December is just such an exciting month. There’s the publication of Pagan’s Sphinx today, we’ve got The Hobbit coming out in less than two weeks, the end of the world just eight days later… and then Christmas?

Pagan's Sphinx#Hold on. Something’s wrong here. How can we have Christmas if there’s no world?

According to the prophets of doom – and other assorted fruitcakes and ‘mystics’ – the world as we know it comes to a halt on 21st December.

That prediction is based on the Mayan ‘Long Count’ calendar, a complicated system of 394.3-year cycles.

The start date of the Long Count calendar is believed to be 11th August 3114 BC. This is the day on which the Mayans believe the gods erected three stones, lifting the sky off the sea and revealing the sun.

Unfortunately, because the sequences on which this calendar is based end on 21st December some people have interpreted this rather negatively as meaning… well… we’re all going to die!

But before you get all depressed, a word of reassurance. Those who’ve actually studied the calendars in detail, say the Mayans believed there had been previous cycles to the one we’re in now and there’s nothing to suggest there isn’t going to be another.

Plus, you’ve got to ask yourself, how much can you trust these Mayans anyway? After all, their civilisation collapsed in the 8th and 9th centuries AD and their cities were abandoned. Doesn’t sound to me like they knew everything.

But – just in case the world is going to end – my advice is: don’t worry. If the apocalypse is coming then it’s unlikely there’s nothing you or me can do about it so we might as well relax, smile and enjoy life (well, for the next 20 days anyway).

And to help take your mind off your worries, how about a bit of escapism? Pagan’s Sphinx comes out today. It’s the story of an archaeological expedition to North Africa in search of an ancient statue that might provide a link to the lost civilisation of Atlantis.

So, if you fancy an adventure in the African sun, involving some intrigue, a bit of romance, a few explosions and a very dead body then this might be just the thing.

And if the world doesn’t end, you can always count it at as early Christmas present!

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  1. nrhatch says :

    Aquatom is hosting an end of the world party on 12/21. For details:

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