Out Of Sequence

Just over a month ago, I posted the opening chapter for my current ‘work in progress’ – a new novel called King’s Port Rock.

I’ve been wanting to write this book for years. I jotted down my first ideas 10 years ago and the idea has been lurking in my head ever since. (Did I mention before that I’m a slow worker?)

I’ve always had projects that I’ve started and ‘temporarily’ put on hold. There are at least two part-written novels in my files that I really, really want to finish one day. Maybe when I can discover a parallel universe or a way of putting time on hold.

But I think one of the reasons this project has taken so long to get going is that I’m trying something slightly new and, for me, a little scary: humour.

I’m not going for the laugh-out-loud, whack my readers on the funny bone approach. What I’m aiming for is something that’s a mixture of wry, quirky and slightly odd. With the occasional daft bit to make you smile.

Whether this is something I can pull off remains to be seen.

My original idea was to post the chapters in sequence as I wrote them and try and get feedback from readers. But I’ve already messed that up.

I finished what was to be the second chapter earlier this month. But then I realised there was something missing. So Strange Cargo has become chapter three and I’m now working on what, I hope, will now be chapter two.

Anyway, if anyone wants a read, please take a look at the King’s Port Rock page – there are PDF downloads for Chapters One and Three. I would love to get any reactions (laughs, smiles, groans and moans) and will let you know when the real Chapter Two is complete!


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