Black Friday Bonus

Well, I wasn’t planning any more giveaways this month. But then I remembered it’s holiday time over on the other side of the pond.

In 2010, my wife and I were lucky enough to be in the States for Thanksgiving and were hosted by the lovely Hollingsworth family in Monroe, Louisiana – thanks again, Clay, Connie and Corinne!

Carolyn and I were nearing the end of our mad tandem ride’s American leg. Having been riding 60 and 70 mile days, we were more than happy to stop in Monroe for a couple of nights, stuff ourselves with food and generally move as little as possible.

On our way to Thanksgiving!

We’d not done Thanksgiving before – in fact when planning the trip I’d forgotten the Americans even have a holiday in November! (A mistake I won’t make again.)

I’d certainly never heard of Black Friday and couldn’t understand it when our hosts’ daughter insisted on heading out at about 11pm to go to the sales – dragging her long-suffering mom with her. Feeling extremely full and very content, we were in bed by 10pm and fast asleep by the time Connie and Corrine were hitting the shops.

The other thing I really remember about our Thanksgiving experience was the incredible change in temperature. As you can see above, we were wearing shorts and sandals when we crossed the border from Texas into Louisiana and on our first day in Monroe the air still felt extremely warm and muggy.

But on the evening of Thanksgiving the thermometer plummeted. Taking to the road again on Friday morning, we were kitted out in warm leggings, jackets and gloves. We stayed that night at a motel in Winnsboro and I was amazed to look out the next morning and see thick frost everywhere.

Cycling across the States was a wonderful experience and Thanksgiving brings back memories of just a small part of our journey.

So, whether you’re sitting around stuffed with turkey and unable to move or if you’ve just come back from the sales with a new Kindle then this is for you!

My crime thriller Thin Ice is free from today until Tuesday. It’s the story of young journalist Danny Harper, who wakes up in hospital to find out that the life he remembers no longer seems to exist.

However, he knows things that prove his memories can’t all be false – including information about a serial killer stalking women in his town.

Just click on the links to download a copy from or


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One response to “Black Friday Bonus”

  1. nrhatch says :

    How lovely that you had a chance to enjoy Thanksgiving . . . without being dragged out for Black Friday shopping.

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