Boundaries Disappear

As an author I’ve never really thought about where my readers live. I write because the stories are in my head and I publish in the hope others will enjoy them too.

So far, about 75% of my book sales have been in the UK (where I’m from). Nearly all the rest via No real surprise. I write in English so, logically, most of my readers are from the UK, US, Canada etc.

But blogging? That’s opened my eyes to a whole new world. Literally.

I’m quite new to blogging. I set up my site at the start of the year – basically as a shop window for my books – but that was it. Since August though, I’ve discovered there’s so much more fun to be had and now post on all kinds of things to do with writing, indie publishing etc.

And thanks to these more regular (and hopefully more interesting) posts, my site traffic, followers and comments have slowly, quietly crept upwards.

But then last week I was Freshly Pressed and… wow! Like going from the slow lane to Mach 10. More visits and comments in two days than over the past three months.

The experience was fascinating (as well as highly gratifying) – and had me glued to all those neat little WordPress tables and graphs for analysing your visitor statistics.

It was wonderful seeing my visitor numbers soar and getting so many comments and such a mix of reactions to my post. (Thank you, thank you!) But what really amazed me was the stats on where my visitors come from.

Top of the list: US and UK. Again no surprise. (Although just because someone’s server is based in the US it don’t necessarily mean they live there.) But looking down the list: in fourth place, India; in sixth place, the Philippines; followed by Indonesia.

Okay, perhaps some visitors were ex-pats, maybe other English teachers like myself. But not all.

From following and visiting other blogs I’ve discovered that there are people everywhere sharing thoughts and insights on all manner of subjects. (Sometimes English isn’t even their first language, making me highly embarrassed by my really sketchy ability when it comes to foreign languages.)

To begin with my blog was about my books. But my attitude and reason for blogging has changed. Now, I’m proud to blog and to share and to visit just for the sake of what blogging allows: a cultural exchange with very few boundaries.


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5 responses to “Boundaries Disappear”

  1. Maddie Cochere says :

    Yes! I’ve experienced more of the world in the last four months that I’ve been blogging than I have in my entire lifetime. The photographers here are fantastic. The stories of people from around the world are amazing. There is so much to see and learn, so many new friends … so many times it’s like a party. Nice post, Huw!

  2. Katie says :

    It’s interesting that just about everyday, I can be sure not to have any views from Africa. That’s the one continent that my blog apparently doesn’t go over well.

  3. Trent Williams says :

    Interesting. That’s great that your blog got exposure… it gives me hope 🙂

    • Trent Williams says :

      Actually, come to think of it, something similar happened to my blog. I was like, some one from the UK is reading my blog?! 😀

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