Too Many Projects

I need another 12 hours in the day. Alternatively I’d settle for an unexpected inheritance or a win on the lottery.

There are just too many things to do in life. I simply don’t have time to go out and work for a living. Take today for example: I need to work on my new book, play my saxophone, put up a curtain pole in the lounge, sort out some insurance, get dinner ready, register with the tax office…

Now that’s what I call a bicycle.

Instead, here I am adding another page of photographs to my blog and writing a post to tell you about it.

You see, I’m very lucky. My life has had dull moments but my wife and I have also managed to get out there and have a few adventures. One of which involved a 10,000-mile cycle ride!

Which brings me back to my starting point. That ride took up a year of our lives (not including the planning) and involved all kinds of memorable experiences. Dramatic ones like fires, floods, earthquakes. It also reaffirmed my belief in the fundamental decency of the great majority of people.

We were strangers in various strange lands but were the recipients of all manner of spontaneous acts of generosity and kindness along the way (and that’s apart from all the money we raised for the charity ShelterBox.)

Now, I really, really want to sit down and write a proper account of that incredible journey. But that’s yet another project. I’ve also got the new novel to write, I need to work on promoting the launch of Pagan’s Sphinx (coming out in December) and keep plugging my other books.

How and when do I fit in another project? There’s definitely no time for a 9-5 job. Maybe I’ll have to go and rob a bank. Or pray for a fairy godmother. Or… Any ideas?


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5 responses to “Too Many Projects”

  1. Jen K. - Canada says :

    I have been trying to figure that out as well Huw….let’s make a deal….first one to figure it out shares the secret with the other! Deal? Good luck!

  2. Maddie Cochere says :

    Isn’t it a shame we are required to use some hours of our day to sleep. 😉

    • Huw Thomas says :

      True but I do love sleep. It’s also when my brain does some of its best work.
      Being a lazy so-and-so, I’m quite prepared to let my subconscious do the hard graft and it often comes up with the goods – problem solving and general inspiration!

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