White Rabbits & Haunted Postboxes

It’s summer: 1998. White wings soar as a seabird climbs into a blue sky. Sunlight glints off rooftops still wet from the most recent shower. Down in the harbour a loose sail flaps and cracks in the wind.

The gull turns, a jarring territorial shriek coming from its beak. It drops towards the houses, swooping low. Then up again, heading for a perch on the crenellated façade of the big house that looms over King’s Port.


A beige explosion obliterates a large portion of the view from the first floor of Tower House.

“Hawkins. Clean that window.”

“Right away, sir.” Scurrying towards the window, Jed Hawkins pulls a cloth from his pocket and starts wiping at the glass.

“Not this side, you fool. Clean the outside.”


“Just wipe that muck off.”


“Just do it, man.”

“Right you are, sir.”

Fumbling awkwardly, Jed opens the low door that’s set into the wall next to the window. He looks timidly through. The narrow balcony is barely two foot wide: the waist-high railings almost eaten away by decades of rust.


“Close the door after you, Hawkins. You’re letting in a cold breeze.”

“Right, sir. Yes, sir.”

As Jed reluctantly exits, Clarence Wherry turns away. He dismisses his unfortunate assistant from his mind. Instead he directs his attention to the matter at hand. His agitation shows in a small tic in the corner of his left eye. The problem is what’s in the accounts. Although the details are as muddled and unhelpful as he can make them he can’t fake them completely. Certain information still has to be there. Including a profit and loss summary for the whole company.

Clarence knows the accounts are accurate; he prepared them. Which is why he’s worried. It’s not the future of the company that really concerns him. More disturbing is the fact his own position could be in jeopardy. Unless help arrives, it’s getting hard to see how he can prevent the whole house of cards from tumbling around his ears…

To read the rest of the story, click here.

I spend a lot of time blogging about writing. This time I thought I’d just share a new story.

This is the first chapter of my latest project – provisionally called King’s Port Rock. Enjoy and have a good weekend – it’s been a long week and I’m off to bed!


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