Final 24 Hours

Just a quick reminder: today is the last day for grabbing a free copy of The Tale Of Findo Gask from Amazon.

Findo is my story of a young boy who turns to theft after being born into obscurity and poverty in a city in northern England.

It’s a story full of escapades: from saving drowning dogs to an armed raid on a security firm depot and stealing the diamonds from an opera singer’s head.

But it’s also got some moral questions at the heart of it: why people obey the law and whether we should expect people to play by our rules when they don’t have a stake in society.

The Tale Of Findo Gask was the national winner in a UK competition for new writers in 2005 and has got some very positive reviews (4.3 average on and 4.7 on

For your copy, just click on the link:

Findo on

Findo on

Read, enjoy and tell your friends! (Oh, and if you like it, please post a review – thanks.)


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