Wake Up To My Genius!

I’m cooking up a recipe for success… well, that’s the plan.

All writers would like to think it’s the quality of their creative output that counts. End of story.

In which case, how come so many of us have unread masterpieces hiding away in desk drawers or on computer hard drives?

Sadly – just in case there’s anyone who hasn’t worked it out yet – that’s not true. Your incredible, inspirational, potentially life-changing words of wisdom are only a small (but important) ingredient.

There’s also that dreaded thing called ‘marketing’. (Yeuch!)

When I started this blog, it was primarily to provide a platform (little buzz word there) for my books. But it’s developed into a bit more. My thoughts on writing, creativity and, occasionally, life in general. Blogging has also opened up opportunities to chat with people all over the world – I was learning about Bangalore the other day.

But I digress. One of the other things I want to do is to share what I’ve learnt about indie publishing and how to get my books noticed in that big, bad, largely unknown world out there.

Yesterday, I was blogging (kind of) about why giving away your books is good for real sales. And, yes, one of my books is now on a free promotion.

This is the fourth promotion for The Tale Of Findo Gask since it was published on Kindle last December. Previously, though, I haven’t done anything to promote the giveaways other than mention it on this blog – which I’ve only really started to give regular time to in the past three months.

For those interested in figures, I had around 440, 630 and 280 downloads (from all Amazon sites) during the previous promotions.

Now, there are some sites – like the Kindle UK Forum – that automatically list free books. But there are many others that you have to approach, register with, email etc to let them know when you’re books going to be available.

And this time round I’ve done quite a lot of advance work to make sure my book is listed in as many places as possible – and I’m really interested to see what impact my efforts will have.

Findo went free from today and as of 3pm this afternoon (UK time), there had been 69 downloadsfrom Amazon.co.uk and 26 from Amazon.com. (I’m assuming – and hoping – the lower figure from the US site is because you folks on the other side of the pond are only just waking up.)

Anyway. Once the promotion is over, I’ll let you all know the end result and share with you which sites I’ve used to promote Findo – please do point out any I’ve missed!

In the meantime… come on America! Wake up and download my masterpiece!

PS. None of the downloads were by me. Honest.


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