Back To My Roots

Moving to a new town is great fun. There’s new territory to explore – plus a chance to go through all that accumulated ‘stuff’ that’s been hidden away in dark corners, attics and the bottom of cupboards at the old place.

You know, the things that are somehow essential to your life but haven’t actually seen the light of day for many years.

Pre-digital archive.

My wife and I moved back to England this summer after several years working in Portugal. At the end of September we took a truck down to Cornwall and collected our possessions from where they’d been in storage since December 2007.

We’ve just about got things straight in the new place but there’s one box that I hadn’t looked in until tonight.

For me, this is a very special box. Inside are my notes for (almost) all the books and stories that I’ve ever written.

It’s fascinating. There’s an old journalist’s notepad with my very first ideas about the thief called Findo Gasknotes made sitting on a cliff above the Bay of Skail on Orkney on Friday 8th September 2000. Notes that became the basis of the book that won me a national writing prize in 2005 and started me on the long and bumpy road to being a published author.

But that’s not all, there’s drafts of my other books, short stories I wrote twenty to thirty years ago and various unfinished projects – some on that old continual-feed paper where you had to rip the strips off down the sides once it was printed.

I don’t know if all this ‘stuff’ will ever be of interest to anyone else but it’s going to keep me entertained for weeks to come. And who knows, I might even find some great idea for a novel that I’d forgotten about!


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2 responses to “Back To My Roots”

  1. Maddie Cochere says :

    You will have to let us know if you see a change in your writing style from the 20-30 year old writings to now. Or even the writings from seven years ago.

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