Atlantis And The Sphinx

I’m hoping to publish my next novel – Pagan’s Sphinx – later this year.

This one’s a little bit different, which is why I’ve decided to use the pen name William Webster.

Back in August I wrote a post about the issue of writers who ‘genre hop’ and whether it caused problems for readers who have certain expectations of their authors.

In the end I felt that while I really wanted to publish Pagan’s Sphinx the story is such a departure from my other books that I didn’t feel comfortable using the same name.

Pagan’s Sphinx is an adventure novel – with a dash of action and a splash of romance – written in the first person and just not in the same style as Thin Ice, The Vault or Findo Gask.

The idea for the book came from a TV documentary about evidence presented by historian John West which appears to overturn conventional beliefs that The Great Sphinx at Giza was the work of the same Ancient Egyptians who built The Pyramids.

My story uses this as the basis for a modern-day adventure set in North Africa, involving the search for a lost statue that might just provide a link with the lost civilisation of Atlantis.

I originally wrote Pagan’s Sphinx in the mid-90s but it was never published. Since turning to indie publishing I decided to take another look at the book – and bring it up to date.

Over the past few months the book has undergone a substantial rewrite and is now being re-edited.

For a preview, download a PDF file of the first part of the book by clicking here. I’d also love to hear from anyone willing to be a beta reader and give the book a once over before I put it out there for the anyone else to read!


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One response to “Atlantis And The Sphinx”

  1. Maddie Cochere says :

    A “damn fine adventure” indeed! Very nice. Another one on my list to read! 🙂

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