Proof why proofreading matters

Oh, dear. A few days ago I was blogging about the importance of proofreading. (Yeah, yeah, you say with a yawn.)

That’s right. We all know proofreading is important. Everyone bangs on about it. But here’s a lesson in why.

My novel, The Vault,  just got a new review on Amazon. This is an extract:

In addition to the main story of crime and murder, there is teenage angst, first love, bullying, a dark and menacing side with a character preying on children. There is a broken marriage and even some little hint of racial prejudice.

Pretty good so far, eh? Well, it gets better:

On the face of it that would seem to be too much for one book to hold but Huw Thomas skilfully packs all these into an enjoyable, thrilling and enthralling read that is at times unputtdownable.

Wow. Just what an author wants to read. High praise indeed. But here’s the killer:

I would have loved to give this book five stars but it is let down slightly by editing and proof reading glitches which is a shame.

End result is reviewer Diane Dickson only gave The Vault a four-star rating. Not bad but five stars would have been so much better. I can’t blame her. As a reader, I know sloppy editing can be really annoying.

So, fellow authors, the moral is don’t be slack. Skimping on the proofreading will come back and bite you. (Funny isn’t it, I mentioned the dangers of people in glass houses throwing stones when I was writing about this last time. Now it looks as if I’m going to have to sort out a revised edition of The Vault!)


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2 responses to “Proof why proofreading matters”

  1. Anne Orchard says :

    Well done on the excellent review Huw, and yes I tackled this subject also with a poll on my blog. The results show that readers are very unforgiving when it comes to errors. For me the problem is that they interrupt the flow of what you are reading.

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