Different Perspectives

Over the last couple of months I’ve been trying to build this blog up into being more than just a platform for my books – I’d also like it to be a forum for musings and thoughts on writing, indie publishing and the creative process in general.

I know some of you have enjoyed my posts. Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to read them – I’m delighted every time I get a ‘like’!

So far, though, you’ve only had my take on things. But from now, I’m going to open the blog up to guests. No particular timescale or routine – just whenever the mood takes me and someone contacts me with something they want to say. (I may also flit off occasionally to post on other people’s blogs.)

Hopefully, having guests here on the blog will provide some different perspectives on what it means to be a writer, how others have gone about it etc.

Later this week I’m going to open the blog up to my first guest, Colorado-based author Jessica Lave.

If anyone else out there has something to contribute then do get in touch – email me on hdthomas@hotmail.co.uk

I don’t mind if you’ve got a book to plug but I will be asking for more than that – whether it’s what makes you tick as a writer, how you get inspired or why you think you should be the next world president. Any suggestions?


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