Doing my bit

All authors want reviews so I thought it only fair I should start writing some myself.

I’ve just added a new Reviewing page to the blog – with my thoughts on three very different books:

The Stolen Crown is a story of romance and intrigue set in pre-Tudor England, Mongol Rally is the non-fiction account of an amazing road trip and Only The Truth a folksy tale of what happens when a mysterious young woman turns up in a small Arkansas town.

At the moment I’ve got a backlog of reviews to write – books I’ve read on Kindle over the past few months that have impressed me for one reason or another. I’ll also post my reviews onto Amazon (UK & US sites).

I’m not going to write long critiques – just whatever it takes to convey what I think are the key points for potential readers.

Once I’ve caught up with this backlog, I’ll decide whether to open this blog to review requests or just review those books that take my fancy. In the meantime, I hope my reviews are of interest – and if you’ve read something good don’t forget to post a review somewhere!


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2 responses to “Doing my bit”

  1. skywaywriter says :

    Great idea. Let me know if you end up taking review requests in the future. I have a self-help book coming out very soon. I love reading all of your posts. Keep writing and blogging!

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