Playing with pricing

Being an independent author gives you a huge amount of freedom – but also means you’re responsible for some fundamental decisions. One key choice is how much to charge for your books.

So far, I’ve only ventured into publishing through Amazon’s KDP programme. Amazon set minimum and maximum prices but there’s still a lot of leeway.

To begin with, I didn’t want to overprice my books. On the other hand, I didn’t want to seem too cheap. I felt that if my books were priced really low then readers might assume I didn’t value them and that they weren’t much good.

My current book shelf

Over the past year, two of my novels have been priced at around £2.50 to £3 ($4-$5). My other novel The Vault is being sold to raise money for the charity ShelterBox, so I pitched it slightly higher at £4.50 ($7). (Exact prices seem to vary a little depending on how much sales tax is added.)

But having been reading a bit more on the issue of pricing, I’ve decided it’s time to try a new policy. I’ve just lowered the cover price of all my books to the minimum. Now I won’t make anything like so much per sale but it’ll be interesting to see if I sell many (or any) more copies!


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2 responses to “Playing with pricing”

  1. joannawriting says :

    Have you seen any changes? Granted, it’s only been a short amount of time. I’m coming up to the actual publishing part on Amazon and have thought a lot about prices. Still haven’t come to a conclusion.

    • Huw Thomas says :

      Hasn’t been long enough to tell yet. I’m planning on doing some free promotions towards the end of this month/beginning of next – what will be interesting is how many actual sales I get following the promotions.

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