Free access to The Vault

The Vault

Just a quick reminder that my latest novel The Vault is currently on a five-day free promotion on Amazon.

The book is a tale of hidden secrets, childhood drama and murder – set in a small English town and based around a young boy called Adam Strong.

The novel began life some years ago with a short scenario about a group of dark-clad intruders making a night raid on a castle. That was followed by a story about a group of young boys who encounter ‘something nasty’ in the local woods.

For a while the book struggled to go any further. Then I went on a screenwriting course and was inspired to completely rework my languishing novel as a film script. That idea never came to fruition but taking a different look at my book (and the story) gave The Vault fresh impetus.

Inspired by a number of new ideas and a different approach I went back to the novel format and never really looked back. It’s a couple of years now since I completed the novel, which was published for the first time on Kindle earlier this year. A few good reviews so far – more would be welcome!

I’ve published this book in aid of the disaster relief charity ShelterBox – a cause I particularly believe in – and, as mentioned on a previous post, I’m hoping that enough free downloads will go on to generate some real sales for me and the charity!

The Vault is available from today (Thursday) on Amazon UK or .com.


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2 responses to “Free access to The Vault”

  1. It's only P! says :

    Pity you didn’t finish your script writing venture. Plan to pick it up again? I am currently reading Writing Movies by the Gotham Writers’ Workshop, in case you need a refresher. (I read their Writing Fiction which has to be the best book available; it’s based on courses they teach in NYC as well as online, and exceptionally practical).

    I also want to rework a manuscript into a movie script because all along when I was writing it I pictured most scenes first. The two proofreaders that read it did not know this, but on a number of occasions they made comments like ‘oh this would make such a good movie edit!’ Encouraging. The whole thing, as a novice, is daunting though. But after listening to a Steve Jobs speech today, I was reminded to just ‘stay hungry, and stay foolish,’ which I am by nature, but sometimes I allow myself to be distracted by left-brainers.

    I laughed at your ‘The sun rose in the west’ comment, so I popped in. 🙂

    • Huw Thomas says :

      Finishing the film script is just one of those ‘one day’ projects. Might happen, might not – depends on what other projects I get sidetracked with.
      However, like you, I found that visualising scenes as if they were in a film then really helped with writing it as a novel. Ultimately it really helped me to see where the book was going (and why previous ideas didn’t work so well).

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