Climate change as marketing tool

I can’t remember the last time we had a decent summer here in the UK. Occasional sunny days yes. But the kind of summers where you know it’s going to be warm and sunny for day after day? Distant memories.

Now, after several years teaching in Portugal, my wife and I have moved back home. We had a bit of time to spare so decided to go camping down in Cornwall. And after several nights of huddling in our tent, mopping up leaks as the rain hammered down, we’re beginning to doubt our sanity.

Why are we giving up this?

But, being an optimistic sort at heart, I reckon there’s a silver lining to every cloud. You see, this coming weekend is a big UK public holiday – the August Bank Holiday.

Traditionally, this weekend is a time for the beach, BBQs, traffic jams, sales… and notoriously fickle weather. So, my thinking is: the climate in this country is going downhill and the weather is bound to be rubbish seeing as it’s a public holiday. Which means lots of people holed up in tents, caravans, hotels, B&Bs etc, needing something to do.

Therefore, in the interests of preserving national sanity, I’m using one of Amazon’s five-day promotions to offer my novel The Vault to my fellow citizens (and the rest of the world) for free.

Hopefully, thousands of people in need of a good read will download this tale of hidden secrets, childhood drama and murder… (it’s available from Thursday on Amazon UK or .com).

And, if enough people download it for free, then actual sales of the book should also increase over the following weeks. So, that’s how I’m hoping that climate change – and the famously bad British weather – can help market my book.

For a good cause…

But sales of The Vault won’t just help me. Half of all royalties will go to the disaster relief charity ShelterBox, which provides emergency shelter and vital aid for families who have lost their home as a result of earthquakes, floods, volcanoes etc.


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