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Grit your teeth

Publishing a book is an emotional experience. After months, sometimes years of work, your creation is suddenly pushed out into the world… where anyone and everyone can now read it.

All authors want readers. I love writing. The process is (mainly) pleasure. Give me a keyboard or a pad and pen and I can have hours of fun coming up with ideas, playing with words and making up stories.

Ultimately though, I want to create stories that others can enjoy. That’s the real point of the process: to spin a tale, put across ideas, entertain… and provoke a reaction.

The trouble is, reading is such a subjective experience and what one person loves, another may think is dreadful. Which is why putting my work out via Amazon has meant pain as well as pleasure.

Thin Ice is the third novel I’ve published via Kindle. Thankfully, my first review was four stars and pretty positive (once I’d sorted out an initial formatting problem). Reviewer Willie Wit described the story as “clever and entertaining”.

It was a good start and just got better – three five star reviews followed – with a reader called Elaine G described Thin Ice as “a very cleverly crafted crime thriller with a difference, absolutely gripping from start to finish”.

‘Oh joy’, I thought, ‘everyone loves my work’. Then I put the book on a five day free promotion and was even happier when I suddenly had thousands of copies being downloaded.

Then came my first one star review and a two star review – from one reviewer who thought my characters so cliched and badly drawn that they gave up, and another who gave up because they were confused by the number of characters. (I really don’t understand that as by my reckoning there are eight ‘main’ characters and maybe a dozen more minor characters.)

For a moment, depression kicked in… ‘I’m terrible, I might as well give up now!’

Luckily, I was able to remember the good reviews on – and the fact that Thin Ice also got a very positive write-up the US review website LL Book Review, which described it as “an entertaining, complex story”.

I guess that’s the downside of pushing my baby out into the wide world. Not everyone out there is going to like it. It’s just a case of gritting my teeth and hoping that the positive reviews continue to outweigh the negative.

So… if you’ve read Thin Ice and enjoyed it… please help keep the scales tipping the right way by adding your thoughts. Thank you.