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Writing for a cause

Over the years, I’ve had a few different jobs. However, the one that inspired me most was working for the disaster relief charity ShelterBox.

Since it was founded in 2000, ShelterBox has provided emergency shelter and other aid for hundreds of thousands of families all over the world who have lost their home following disasters likes earthquakes, floods, conflict etc.

I spent a couple of years in charge of publicity and fundraising at the charity’s HQ in Cornwall and still believe firmly in the cause.

That’s why my next book – a mystery called The Vault –  is going to be published on in aid of ShelterBox.

Half of all royalties from the Kindle edition will go to the charity.

I hope to have the book available in March. In the meantime, however, there’s more information about the book under Novelsfollow the link for The Vault.

Alternatively, for a taster of what the book’s about, download the free PDF file containing the first three chapters:

Vault – extract Feb 2012

Formatting error!

Apologies to everyone who downloaded the free copy of Thin Ice and found some of the paragraphs jumbled in size.

The document looked fine on my screen but contained a mixture of ‘body text’ and ‘normal’. When uploaded to Kindle this turned into different size fonts.

I’ve now reformatted and uploaded the book so it should all now be consistent. I wish I could also offer it for another five days for free but Amazon won’t let me!

Thanks very much to Willie Wit for pointing out the problem – and for the very positive review. Glad the problem didn’t spoil your enjoyment of the story too much.

Thin Ice

I’m continuing to put more of my novels onto Kindle and have just published the next one.

THIN ICE  is the story of what happens when two parallel universes collide –and was originally inspired by a dream in which my wife no longer knew me!

Originally written as a short story, the novel tells the story of Danny Harper, a young journalist whose life is going perfectly: a new flat, a career on the up and the girl he loves about to marry him.

Then he wakes in hospital to find none of it’s true. Refusing to admit he’s imagined it all, Harper tries to regain his lost life. But, while his claims are initially dismissed as delusion, he knows secrets that can’t be easily explained.

Stuck in the ‘wrong’ life, Harper starts trying to deal with this new, alternative existence. But in the process he has to deal with something that casts a new perspective on his problem – a deranged killer with a fanatical obsession for the ‘sins of woman’.

In Danny Harper’s ‘real’ world, the killer has already been caught. But in this alternative world – partly due to a mistake by the ‘other’ Harper – the killings have so far gone undetected. And the latest victim is a complete innocent.

THIN ICE will be free for the first five days on Kindle. Follow the link – here – to the page about the novel and free downloads of the short story on which is was based and the first part of the novel.