Archive | January 2012


Welcome to my blog. It’s all very early days at the moment. I’ve ‘blogged’ before on other subjects but never one as personal as my writing.

There’s still a lot to add but the basic idea is to provide a bit of information about myself and – of course – information about my novels and short stories.

At the moment, my only published novel is The Tale of Findo Gask. This was first published in 2006 after winning the national prize in the inaugral Undiscovered Authors competition.

Unfortunately, the company behind the prize seemed to run into all kinds of problems and are now defunct! Which sadly means that although I did get my prize money, they never managed to sell many copies of my novel.

As the rights have now reverted to me, I’ve published Findo via Amazon’s Kindle. I’m hoping to also have it available in other ebook formats in due course.

I’ve also published a collection of short stories – Fractured Lives – also available on Kindle.

Later this year, I’m hoping to put out a couple of other books: Pagan’s Sphinx, an archaeological adventure set in North Africa, and The Vault, a story about the secret at the heart of an ancient English woodland.